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COVID19 Update

Those of you who watch the website with baited breath, will notice that preliminary, the League was to be re-started on the 26th July 2021, starting off with completing the season before lockdown. For that to happen, we as a League need to know what’s going on with you guys, who’s playing, who’s dropping out, folding, closing, looking for new venues etc etc. If you guys dont tell us, we can’t do a lot, so that’s up to you guys to organise.

Providing all goes well with the COVID19 issues, we are proposing….
Closed Committee Meeting on the 29th June
Open League Meeting on the 7th July, 1st Wednesday of the month like normal. There will be lots going on at this one, we need to discuss the best way forward for The League, if you’re not there, you don’t get a say !

A few things for you to think about before the Open meeting…….

Seasons. – Winter & Summer, or one all year rounder !
AGM – When the AGM will be held, or do we have an !
Fees. – Pending numbers of team entrants for the new season, may affect the fees !
General discussion on moving forward.

We can only do what you want us to do, and if it gets voted in or not. So the more people who turn up, the fairer it will be for everyone.

A few online forms will be available on our website in the very near future, PLEASE, let us know who will be playing out the remainder, and continuing on with a new season.

In the meantime,
STAY SAFE and hope to see you all soon.

COVID19 Update

Pending Feasibility, COVID19, Lockdown and of course, the current Immunisation program, we hope to be restarting the League again !
Whoop Whoop I hear you all shouting, well, don’t take this as fact just yet as all the above possibilities have to be taken into consideration before we give it the go ahead.

In view of the immunisation being on track as set out by the Gov, all fixtures have been updated. Keep an eye on this website though, as things may be subject to change without advanced warning. Any further updates will be announced on our site.

Lets hope that 2021 will be a better darting year than last year, and put this pandemic behind us for good. 

The Committee