2nd December 2020

Redfield & District Mens Darts League

The Home of Monday Night Darts

Division Three Results

Results Div 3

KES KingswoodWhite Swan (Mail House A)
Old Lock & Weir HanhamHorseshoe Downend
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdWarwick Arms
Whitehall TAV Devon RdRed Lion Mangotsfield
Cadbury Heath Social ClubOpen Date
Horseshoe DownendBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
White Swan (Mail House A)Old Lock & Weir Hanham
Red Lion MangotsfieldCadbury Heath Social Club
Warwick ArmsWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Cross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Open DateKES Kingswood
KES KingswoodCadbury Heath Social Club
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdWhite Swan (Mail House A)
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdHorseshoe Downend
Whitehall TAV Devon RdThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Warwick ArmsRed Lion Mangotsfield
Old Lock & Weir HanhamOpen Date
Cadbury Heath Social ClubOld Lock & Weir Hanham
Red Lion MangotsfieldKES Kingswood
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Warwick Arms
Horseshoe DownendWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
White Swan (Mail House A)Cross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Open DateBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Old Lock & Weir HanhamKES Kingswood
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdCadbury Heath Social Club
Whitehall TAV Devon RdWhite Swan (Mail House A)
Warwick ArmsHorseshoe Downend
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Red Lion Mangotsfield
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdOpen Date
KES KingswoodBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Red Lion MangotsfieldOld Lock & Weir Hanham
Horseshoe DownendThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
White Swan (Mail House A)Warwick Arms
Cadbury Heath Social ClubCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Open DateWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
Old Lock & Weir HanhamBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdKES Kingswood
Whitehall TAV Devon RdCadbury Heath Social Club
Warwick ArmsOpen Date
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)White Swan (Mail House A)
Horseshoe DownendRed Lion Mangotsfield
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Old Lock & Weir HanhamWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
KES KingswoodWarwick Arms
Cadbury Heath Social ClubThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Open DateHorseshoe Downend
White Swan (Mail House A)Red Lion Mangotsfield
White Swan (Mail House A)Open Date
Horseshoe DownendCadbury Heath Social Club
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)KES Kingswood
Warwick ArmsOld Lock & Weir Hanham
Whitehall TAV Devon RdBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Red Lion MangotsfieldCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Horseshoe DownendWhite Swan (Mail House A)
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Open Date
Warwick ArmsCadbury Heath Social Club
Whitehall TAV Devon RdKES Kingswood
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdOld Lock & Weir Hanham
Red Lion MangotsfieldBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdWarwick Arms
Old Lock & Weir HanhamThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
KES KingswoodHorseshoe Downend
Cadbury Heath Social ClubWhite Swan (Mail House A)
Open DateRed Lion Mangotsfield
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
Open DateCadbury Heath Social Club
White Swan (Mail House A)KES Kingswood
Horseshoe DownendOld Lock & Weir Hanham
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Bishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Warwick ArmsCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Red Lion MangotsfieldWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdHorseshoe Downend
Old Lock & Weir HanhamWhite Swan (Mail House A)
KES KingswoodOpen Date
Cadbury Heath Social ClubRed Lion Mangotsfield
Whitehall TAV Devon RdWarwick Arms
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Cadbury Heath Social ClubKES Kingswood
Open DateOld Lock & Weir Hanham
White Swan (Mail House A)Bishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Horseshoe DownendCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Whitehall TAV Devon Rd
Red Lion MangotsfieldWarwick Arms
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdOpen Date
Old Lock & Weir HanhamCadbury Heath Social Club
KES KingswoodRed Lion Mangotsfield
Warwick ArmsThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Whitehall TAV Devon RdHorseshoe Downend
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdWhite Swan (Mail House A)
KES KingswoodOld Lock & Weir Hanham
Cadbury Heath Social ClubBishops Tav Cheltenham Rd
Open DateCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
White Swan (Mail House A)Whitehall TAV Devon Rd
Horseshoe DownendWarwick Arms
Red Lion MangotsfieldThe Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdKES Kingswood
Old Lock & Weir HanhamRed Lion Mangotsfield
The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)Horseshoe Downend
Warwick ArmsWhite Swan (Mail House A)
Whitehall TAV Devon RdOpen Date
Cross Keys Hollyguest RdCadbury Heath Social Club
Bishops Tav Cheltenham RdOld Lock & Weir Hanham
KES KingswoodCross Keys Hollyguest Rd
Cadbury Heath Social ClubWhitehall TAV Devon Rd
Open DateWarwick Arms
White Swan (Mail House A)The Colosseum B (Little Grosvnor)
Red Lion MangotsfieldHorseshoe Downend
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