25th September 2020

Redfield & District Mens Darts League

The Home of Monday Night Darts

Division Two Results

Results Div 2

Crown Jewels Staple HillEssex Two Mile Hill
Wackum NomadsSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
King William Staple HillDolphin Oldland
Greyhound ArrowsCrown Lawfords gate
Eagle House Club Newquay RdThe Kings Head
Railway DashLord Raglan St.George
Dolphin OldlandGreyhound Arrows
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdKing William Staple Hill
Essex Two Mile HillWackum Nomads
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeCrown Jewels Staple Hill
The Kings HeadRailway Dash
Crown Lawfords gateEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Wackum NomadsCrown Jewels Staple Hill
King William Staple HillEssex Two Mile Hill
Greyhound ArrowsSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Eagle House Club Newquay RdDolphin Oldland
Railway DashCrown Lawfords gate
The Kings HeadLord Raglan St.George
Essex Two Mile HillGreyhound Arrows
Crown Jewels Staple HillKing William Staple Hill
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeWackum Nomads
Crown Lawfords gateThe Kings Head
Dolphin OldlandRailway Dash
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Eagle House Club Newquay RdEssex Two Mile Hill
Railway DashSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
The Kings HeadDolphin Oldland
Crown Lawfords gateLord Raglan St.George
King William Staple HillWackum Nomads
Greyhound ArrowsCrown Jewels Staple Hill
Wackum NomadsGreyhound Arrows
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeKing William Staple Hill
Dolphin OldlandCrown Lawfords gate
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdThe Kings Head
Essex Two Mile HillRailway Dash
Crown Jewels Staple HillEagle House Club Newquay Rd
King William Staple HillGreyhound Arrows
Eagle House Club Newquay RdWackum Nomads
Railway DashCrown Jewels Staple Hill
The Kings HeadEssex Two Mile Hill
Crown Lawfords gateSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Dolphin OldlandLord Raglan St.George
Greyhound ArrowsEagle House Club Newquay Rd
King William Staple HillRailway Dash
Wackum NomadsThe Kings Head
Crown Jewels Staple HillCrown Lawfords gate
Essex Two Mile HillDolphin Oldland
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdLord Raglan St.George
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdEssex Two Mile Hill
Dolphin OldlandCrown Jewels Staple Hill
Crown Lawfords gateWackum Nomads
The Kings HeadKing William Staple Hill
Railway DashGreyhound Arrows
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Dolphin OldlandSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Crown Lawfords gateEssex Two Mile Hill
The Kings HeadCrown Jewels Staple Hill
Railway DashWackum Nomads
Eagle House Club Newquay RdKing William Staple Hill
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeGreyhound Arrows
Greyhound ArrowsThe Kings Head
King William Staple HillCrown Lawfords gate
Wackum NomadsDolphin Oldland
Crown Jewels Staple HillSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Essex Two Mile HillLord Raglan St.George
Eagle House Club Newquay RdRailway Dash
Essex Two Mile HillCrown Jewels Staple Hill
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdWackum Nomads
Dolphin OldlandKing William Staple Hill
Crown Lawfords gateGreyhound Arrows
The Kings HeadEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeRailway Dash
Greyhound ArrowsDolphin Oldland
King William Staple HillSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Wackum NomadsEssex Two Mile Hill
Crown Jewels Staple HillLord Raglan St.George
Railway DashThe Kings Head
Eagle House Club Newquay RdCrown Lawfords gate
Crown Jewels Staple HillWackum Nomads
Essex Two Mile HillKing William Staple Hill
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdGreyhound Arrows
Dolphin OldlandEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Crown Lawfords gateRailway Dash
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeThe Kings Head
Greyhound ArrowsEssex Two Mile Hill
King William Staple HillCrown Jewels Staple Hill
Wackum NomadsLord Raglan St.George
The Kings HeadCrown Lawfords gate
Railway DashDolphin Oldland
Eagle House Club Newquay RdSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Wackum NomadsKing William Staple Hill
Crown Jewels Staple HillGreyhound Arrows
Essex Two Mile HillEagle House Club Newquay Rd
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdRailway Dash
Dolphin OldlandThe Kings Head
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeCrown Lawfords gate
Greyhound ArrowsWackum Nomads
King William Staple HillLord Raglan St.George
Crown Lawfords gateDolphin Oldland
The Kings HeadSt.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd
Railway DashEssex Two Mile Hill
Eagle House Club Newquay RdCrown Jewels Staple Hill
Greyhound ArrowsKing William Staple Hill
Wackum NomadsEagle House Club Newquay Rd
Crown Jewels Staple HillRailway Dash
Essex Two Mile HillThe Kings Head
St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale RdCrown Lawfords gate
Lord Raglan St.GeorgeDolphin Oldland

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