Redfield & District Mens Darts League

1. The League shall be called: The Redfield & District Mens Darts League.

2. Registration Fees of £30.00 per team for both Summer and Winter seasons. (Unless advised otherwise by League Treasurer).

2.1 Team Registration forms must be received by the committee before the season starts, when collecting new fixtures.

2.2 Last date for extra registration, Winter – November 30th, Summer – June 10th, and must be in the hands of the League Committee 48 hours prior to the player’s first game.

2.3 Fees to be notified at start of each season.

2.4 No Transfers.

3. Match night will be on Monday’s. Any team deciding to postpone a fixture must inform their opponents and the League Secretary 10 days prior to the game.

3.1 The fixture must be played within 21 days of the published date, the date being agreed between both teams and the League Committee.

3.2 NO postponement will be authorised for holidays during the summer season.

4. No player in this league shall be allowed to sign for or play for another darts team or league playing on Monday nights. In the event of this rule being broken, the team playing such player will be fined and forfeit the points to the other team and the player being banned for 12 months or longer at the committee’s discretion.

5. All games to be 501 double start and finish.

5.1 All games to be 6 Singles followed by 3 Doubles games. Nominated player is only allowed to play one single game and one double game.

5.2 Match results will be decided by games won as a team. Two points will be awarded to the winning team in each match.

5.3 The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the season will win the league division. Should 2 or more teams have equal points, then the head to head games are taken into account. If teams are still level, the number of legs won will be taken into account also. This will be sorted out by the League Secretary.

5.4 All darts thrown count as a throw whether they stick in the board or not except when throwing for the bull to start a game.

5.6 The exact number must be obtained. If a score is made greater then the player shall then throw for his original score.

5.7 If when a match draw is made, and a team is drawn against a bye, the team will be awarded a 9 – 0 win and collect the 2 points.

6. Home captain to nominate his player first, and this player to sign his name on the score card. This player is to throw for the bull first.

7. Match Board must be 5’8” (173cm) floor to centre of the bull. There must be a fixed oche This can be a simple line on the floor, or a raised ‘wooden’ bar, 7’9 1/4” (237cm) from a perpendicular line (use a plumb) from the board surface. To quickly check if a board is mounted at the correct height/distance you can measure the diagonal line from the throwing line to the center of the bull’s eye. It is 9′ 7 3/8″ (293cm).

8. All team matches to start at 9.00pm, with no exceptions.

8.1 Match board to be made available to the away team by 8.45pm for practice.

8.2 Once the match is started, it is to have continuity until a result is reached.

8.3 Any teams failing to commence the match by the required deadline will forfeit the points to their opponents.

8.4 Both teams will pay the match fees.

9. Any dart or darts falling from the board before the caller has called the score will not count.

9.1 Darts being supported by others will count only if the point is touching the board.

10. Any player calling check will be given his score and the remaining amount.

10.1 If a player is given an incorrect finishing score and hits that score, such score will not count, and he will be entitled to throw his dart or darts again.

10.2 If any player is told in error that his dart is in a starting double, he is entitled to throw his dart or darts again.

11. The captain of the home team must provide a caller and marker.

11.1 The away captain to provide a check caller and marker.

11.2 Any correction over calling out must be done before the darts are removed from the board.

11.3 Any correction over the marking must be done before the player with the score in question throws again.

12. Should any captain desire to question the validity of any opposing player that player is bound to give his signature. If the captain is still not satisfied he can forward the signature to the League Secretary. If proven, the offending team will forfeit the points to their opponents.

13. Any protest must be made at the time of the incident. Should the match result be affected, the game can be under protest, played again.

13.1 All protests must be sent to the League Secretary in writing within 48 hours of game being played.

14. Winning teams will be responsible for forwarding the result to the League Secretary via SMS, Email, Online or Telephone call, before the following Monday. Failure to do so may result in a fine. Also the offending team will forfeit the points and maybe brought in front of the committee. Score sheets to be handed to the committee at the next scheduled meeting.

14.1 180 Badges will only be dispensed up verification of BOTH teams Captain’s signatures.

15. Neutral boards will be used for the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals of Team knockouts.

15.1 The first team drawn out in earlier rounds will be the home side.

15.2 From the Quarter Finals onwards the Captains will toss a coin to determine who will nominate first, and then alternate nomination will take place.

16. Singles knock-out entrance fee is £1.50.

16.1 Singles knock-out will be best of 3 games, 501, start and finish on a double.

16.2 Official in charge to make the draw at 8.25pm.

16.3 The first game to start at 8.30pm.

16.4 Any player not in attendance when the draw is made is eliminated.

16.5 All players to report to the official.

17. Doubles knock-out entrance fee is £2.50 a pair

17.1 Doubles knock-out will be best of 3 games, 501, start and finish on a double.

17.2 Official in charge to make the draw at 8.25pm.

17.3 The first game to start at 8.30pm.

17.4 Any player not in attendance when the draw is made is eliminated.

17.5 All players to report to the official.

18. The League Committee will make the draws for all competitions.

18.1 An Official nominated by the committee will take charge of all Singles, Doubles and the final stages of team competitions.

19. Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Each team may have 2 representatives at the meeting, but only 1 vote per team. Failure to attend and pay monies owed will result in a £2.00 fine.

20. Badges will be awarded for scores of 180, only on production of a valid score card signed by both captains.

21. Any matters not covered by these League rules, then The Committee’s decision will be required and final.

22. The Committee will consist of League Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Secretary, League Treasurer and members elected by the League.

23. In the event of a registered player dying during the season, upon application to the League Secretary a levy of £5.00 per team will be raised. All such monies will be payable to the deceased’s next of kin or any other person or persons as the committee in their discretion may decide upon.

24. Any team dropping out of the League in either season will have to re-apply as a new team and will not receive any advantage or League position when vacancies occur.

24.1 If teams can only field 4 or 5 players they must still turn up. No matches may be cancelled except in the case of extremely bad weather or exceptional circumstances. The League Secretary and the oppositions team to be notified in all such cases as soon as possible.

24.2 Should a team fail to turn up the match will be awarded to their opponents as a 9-0 win.

24.3 The captain of the home team must notify the league secretary of the result of a match not later than 48 hours after match.

24.4 To maintain your League position in the Winter Season you must attend Summer season matches, all be it you may not have a full team and therefore forfeit games due to lack of players, at least an attempt was made.

24.5 If a team does not honour its seasons fixtures or is expelled before half way stage all points will be void, after half way stage , second half points void , first half intact

25. Anyone not attending League meetings for 2 consecutive months will be automatically banned from playing in the League.

26. Anyone who abuses any member of the Committee (this includes SMS and Social Media) will be brought before the Monthly League meeting and asked to explain his actions, which if found to be of misconduct, the said person will be banned ‘sine & die’ from the League.

27. Any team failing to turn up for a match without prior notice will be fined £5.00. A second offence will result in an appearance before the committee.

28. Any Prize money not collected at the due time will be forfeited and donated to a charity of the committee’s choosing.

29. There is no age restriction however, It is up to the Landlords. If they say they have to be 18 to play then that is the rule.if the Landlords is ok for a teenager of any age to play then that is ok. Each venue could be different. The team would have to phone ahead before they turn up to the pub to avoid embarrassment.

30. Committee members have the right to hold a ‘Decision by Committee’ vote/meeting, covering anything that’s not mentioned in the above rules should this be deemed neccesary, and there decision will be final.

Rev 5.1.4