2nd December 2020

Redfield & District Mens Darts League

The Home of Monday Night Darts

Division Two

Division Two

1Greyhound Arrows1815311130
2Dolphin Oldland181449828
3Railway Dash181359526
4The Kings Head1812610424
5Wackum Nomads181178622
6King William Staple Hill18998218
7Crown Jewels Staple Hill188107416
8Crown Lawfords gate188106616
9St.Annes Board Mill Avonvale Rd186126112
10Essex Two Mile Hill185136910
11Lord Raglan St.George18414608
12Eagle House Club Newquay Rd18315666

Rule 5.3 The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the season will win the league division. Should 2 or more teams have equal points, then the head to head games are taken into account. If teams are still level, the number of legs won will be taken into account also. This will be sorted out by the League Secretary.

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