Redfield & district mens darts league

Probably the best darts league in and around the south west area

This site is designed for members of darts teams within the league, to provide them with results and information about the league, news and events etc. however, anyone is of course ALWAYS welcome, WHETHER ITS A PRO PLAYER OR A NEWBIE TO THE GAME.


We are a Mens Winter and Summer Darts League, played on Monday nights within and around the Bristol area. We also operate ‘Not For Profit’ League, therefore any monies raised by us, go back to the players via winnings.

The league was formed during the late 40’s, making us the longest standing League within the South West area.

During which time we had around 15+ divisions of 14 teams. Unfortunately, with the closure of various pubs and clubs, the League currently consists of 48 teams based locally, but we will always remain in the history books.

If you are a pub who wants to join the league for, please drop us an email. If you are a player, then either drop us an email so that we can put you in touch with someone near to you, or simply look at the fixtures and turn up to a game and speak to the Team Captain. Most are quite approachable!

On this website you will find fixtures, results, cup draws, cup results, league tables, dates for the season, any forms you may need.

Our darts season runs all year, with league matches generally taking place on Monday nights.

As well as these fixtures we also play for a number of cups, in various formats throughout the winter season, which includes team games as well as singles and doubles matches.

We are run by a committee who are selected at the AGM and meet on a monthly basis throughout the season.

If you would like to become part of our much loved League, please get in touch and let us know.

Any pictures used are in no way affiliated with Redfield & District Mens Darts League all credit goes to the respectiful authors.